Writer, Community Organizer, Meditation & Mindfulness Coach

Chris has lived and served at monasteries from California to Thailand, Burma and India for nearly 15 years. He joined a contemplative and secular monastery in California where trained and lived for nearly 13 years as a monk. Besides living a life of spiritual study, meditation and community service for all those years, he had the responsibility of guiding individuals and meditation groups all over the world. He has traveled to several meditation centers in US and abroad, led retreats, held organizational meetings and conducted workshops on integrating spirituality into daily life. He has studied and practiced in various spiritual traditions such as Raja Yoga, Vipassana, Zen, Advaita, and in esoteric Christian traditions.

Prior to joining the monastery, he did his MBA and worked in Human Resources area for a large corporation and a mid-sized organization. He founded his own start-up and finally gave it all up to dedicate himself full time to meditation, service & self-transformation.Presently, he serves full time as a Volunteer Transformational Coach and Community Organizer offering one-on-one and group sessions. These are free from any religious beliefs or affiliations to any spiritual organization or teacher. It is the merging of ancient wisdom with modern science.

Although legally an American citizen, he considers himself as a global citizen; having born in India and having grown up living in Singapore and Australia.