My book

The title of the book is, “Discover Your Free Mind”

The subtitle is: An Ancient Inquiry Approach for Modern Day Dis-eases of Anxiety, Stress, Conflicts & Addictions

Here’s a short synopsis of the book:

Discovering Your Free Mind (DYFM) is about a fundamental shift in attitude toward dealing with everyday life’s complexities whether one lives in solitude or in a large city. Based on an ancient inquiry approach, it offers to bring in meditation into daily life. It is aimed at anyone who seeks to find balance in the fast paced, demanding environment of modern life or those who seek inner transformation and freedom.

Through real-life stories, anecdotes, and exercises, this book makes an interesting read while providing practical approaches to dealing with stress and various other modern day mental ailments. It offers a secular and personal journey into one’s own mind. Free from any religious affiliations, at the heart of DYFM is an attempt to address the age old questions, “what does it take to change? And how do we bring about change in our lives?”